Bolig til Salg/Leje

Hus til salg / leje
Lejlighed udlejes i julen
Hold jul i fred eller med familien.
Hus til salg / leje
Stort hus til leje i Vinterferien, uge 7
Nyd et inspirerende og åbent økohjem med klaver og udsyn i dejlige Dyssekilde
Hus til salg / leje
Har du en lejlighed i Kbh - og vil du bytte i et par år?
Jeg vil gerne bytte bolig med nogen fra København. Det drejer sig om en periode på 1-2 år.

How Do We Live

The main foundation for Økosamfundet Dyssekilde is our interest in the social interaction, and a sustainable lifestyle.
We all have a different need for socialising, yet the way we have chosen to organize ourselves means that the community is an important part of our daily life.

Closeness and Private Life

The houses are build close to each other, and we only own the very plot of land our house is built on, all other areas are communal. The gardens in between the houses are planned and run by the people in the houses that surrounds them, and even if we are allowed some say 4 meters around our own house, our rule about free right of way between the houses means that we cannot have hedges or fences.
For the children it means that the village is one big playground, and for the adults it means that we meet each other much more often than one would in a normal housing area. This also means that its not very easy to hide here, on the other hand it also means that helping hands or a word of comfort is never far away.

We Work Together

The major part of work and maintenance within the village is made on a voluntary basis. We have a multitude of working groups who each have responsibility for one specific task.
The working groups bring us closer together, here people who maybe don’t normally see much of each other, spend time together working for the greater good of the village.
Every once in a while there is a need for a piece of major construction work, which calls for a day of communal work. Even if it is on voluntary basis, most people show up and help, and there is always coffee to be made or children to be looked after if you find yourself not knowing your way around a hammer.
In this way we have recently build our waste management station and planted a small forest.

Neighbour Help

Apart from the more organised ways of helping each other, the way we live encourages us to be more helpful towards each other on an everyday basis too, whether it means giving a hand stacking firewood or minding someone else children for half an hour, or taking turns preparing a hot meal for those who have just given birth.
All in all you could say it's all about that what you give come back tenfold.